Hello all,

I’ve come a long way since manually uploading HTML files to Geocities, and so has the net! But the intent is just the same – that is to illuminate the things that I think and do, and to provide a pathway for the ideas to flow.

I’m full of ideas, all the time. I constantly read and research, and then try to apply what I’ve read. Designs for me are easy – I can literally design entire computers inside my head. Getting them out on the “canvas” – for someone who has little practical experience – is a different story.

I started off in computers by programming my Amstrad CPC464 in Locomotive BASIC when I got bored of the games. I don’t know if my mother would’ve thought this would happen when she bought her son that ancient computer, but I do blame her ^.~ (in a good way mum!)

Since I opened a computer in 1999, I’ve been mostly hardware since then. I’ve built, rebuilt, and repaired countless computers, learning by doing, examining what made it up, and what makes it work.

I’m a fan of non mainstream technologies. For example, I love SPARC computers, and the operating system Plan 9. Most people in the computer world would scorn me because I think differently to them, but I get by.

Recently I’ve been getting into open source hardware, in particular, the Arduino. I’ve found I love both putting kits together, and programming the little blighters, and have offered my services to my community in embedded design and engineering.

I hope this blog opens your eyes to the fact that computers don’t have to be a static thing on your desk, that sits there, ticks over, and wastes power, cycles-per-second, and internet bandwidth, but they can be tools for a revolution (or delusion, thank you Mr Grantham! =) that puts you in the drivers seat…



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