Some links, some musing…

All in a days work…

So I’ve been cruising around the net, throwing search terms into Google (oh, I so shouldn’t that that – especially in Russian), and found out the picture of my “bomb case” is number 17 on a Google image search – see last post for the cable spaghetti. I’ve also found some cool links, and had a think about my GSM mobile phone project.

So one day, I do want to run my own GSM network. Yup, uh huh, for test purposes only. Into dummy loads. Crap like that. I don’t want to be “Black Rock City Cellular.” Hah. Yeah, I could do without a lawsuit for “not carrying a Triple Zero Emergency call.” But for entertainment and educational purposes? I can do that.

And it looks like the ol’ OpenBTS is gunna get a shot in the arm.

The biggest thing for me right now is money – or lack thereof. The unsuccessful court case left me broke as a joke. Not to dwell on it, I’m putting the last of my money into what I think should be a surefire way to print money: NBN installations.

I’m not going to go into the rationale for it here, but lets just say, its a regional job doing what I love the best: telecommunications. I love fibre optics, as much as I rant about radios and cellular networks. There should be ongoing work in the future in maintaining the network.

I just gotta hold off spending any real cash on anything other than getting my courses and gear. And that will be… uh… hard. Plenty of toys out there to spend it on, take my links for example.

But I have a good computer, I have a good phone, I have a Cubieboard, a RaspberryPi, and a ODROID-X to play with, two Simoco SRM9000s, a GNU Radio and a Radio Thin Client Module – this should be enough to keep me going for a while I reckon. The boys on the app_rpt list have come to the fore, although some of them need a little more convincing – a Cubie is almost the same specs as a BeagleBoard-xM.

Then I have the “bomb case…”

Trains? A couple of last ones. Then its save, save, save. I have a pre-order on a pack of Pacific National “Batwing” coal hoppers, good stuff, that’ll go well with my 92 class, and my 90 class when I get it. I’ve changed my order to an SCT class in the meantime, I’ve got a four pack of SCT wagons coming, and I plan on getting some Multi-Freighters, and some Greater Freighters when they come out. $60 odd a pop, one every couple of weeks, I’m sure I could afford that.

Russians? They’ll have to wait till after the business is running. Hell, I have two employees lined up if I can pull this off. And I reckon I can. Everyone is telling me it suits me right down to the ground, and I should do it.

Grace? In her good time. I’m sure another two years won’t hurt her, shes waited almost thirteen now. She still puts up with me, I hardly put up with myself. I kind of can’t walk away from myself – hmmm.

Now phones? Well, thinking that I should get an Arduino board of some description, some of the battery boards I linked to (stack ’em on top of one another, increases current – they’re in parallel!), and this new GSM/GPS module. Sure, it won’t look pretty, sure, it won’t exactly be portable as such, sure, I’m going to have to program in everything that a phone needs to operate (try doing an SMS editor – “Burn!!!”) but I think I’m going to have alot of fun. Who else can say “I design my own mobiles, and run them on my own mobile phone network”?

Yes, I am crazy. I think about shit like this all day. And I really gotta stop putting these damn search terms into Google…

Cubieboard is now running Linaro Ubuntu – the Allwinner A10 specific distribution. Serial console is a bit loopy – I get debug, no login. Ethernet doesn’t come up – something about the IRQs? This is all bad news, but someone, somewhere, has to have these issues. And fixed them.

Thought I blew up my ODROID-X. Then tested it two days later, the whole thing worked. The hell…?! Yes, yes, I wil drag along a nice 3Com switch to Maitland when I move for work. Haha. Hummmmmmm…

Saw some stuff like routers, APs and switches for NBN structured cabling/ access work, they’re all from Ubitquiti Networks. The UniFi APs, the EdgeMAX routers, and the ToughSwitch switches. I can see I’m gunna need a DJ rack when I move – seems theres a Jaycar in Maitland. I can see I’m going to become good friends with the owners and staff there.

Found out about NoISP – – who do NBN fibre and fixed wireless packages. Tried finding out about Band “3” and Band “40” FDD/ TDD-LTE modems, no one is making them yet… or at least, not in that combination. You’ll see!

I’ve done some good research on the TDD-LTE fixed wireless for the NBN, theres alot more to find out about yet, but to think I influenced the decision to use 2300MHz in 2004! Yeah, I am infamous, just you don’t be telling anyone…! I’m easy too, but if you tell anyone, we might have a riot on our hands.

This is just the random crap of three weeks worth of research, soldering, travelling to Beresfield, Morisset, Dural, and back to Lithgow, Christmas watching too many “Is it a good idea to microwave this?” on Youtube (don’t ever give three engineers unlimited broadband on Christmas Day – bad!), getting my ADSL fixed, and trying to live a somewhat normal life in between.

Posted up a review of my Cubie (only three weeks late – been busy!), wrote emails to the ying-yang, now blogging – and there is no end in sight, New Years is coming up! And nothing specific is happening! I think a session with the soldering iron can be arranged! “Ali! Can you please get those connectors in for me?!” =)

All in its good time folks, all in its good time.



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