An Irregular Post

Or, an extra-ordinary post?



This is the (messy) state of VoterCard box #1. VoterCard box #1 will be an active demonstration of the technology behind VoterCard, which is:

* The VoterCard itself, or an RTCM

* An ARM platform, most likely a CubieBoard, although there is a RaspberryPi in there at the moment

* A GoIP, for interconnection of VoIP calls to the GSM network

* The power monitoring equipment for the LiFePO4 battery

It will be supplemented with additional boxes, of which I will initially have two (kind of a bit pointless to demo a voting network with only one station). Most likely Andrew will hold the additional boxes, and he is considering getting a four line GoIP where I only have a one line GoIP. Of course, mine is more of a demo, but can be pressed into service on the fireground.

The whole system is designed to run off a 12VDC power source – for testing purposes, this is a 13.8VDC power supply, out in the field, it’ll be a 12VDC LiFePO4 or SLA battery, although the lithium battery is preferred, as it will allow me to monitor the voltages of the individual cells accurately. Andrew has talked about getting 2VDC lead acid cells, but I think it most be a bit more costly than what we both think.

The CubieBoard will run custom software including Allmon (VoterMon) and my own power monitoring software. Into the fray is the revelation that app_rpt now does run on ARM devices, so summarily I believe that chan_voter could be coaxed into working too. The ARM version of app_rpt (which I had my hand in, Hi App_rpt Mailing List!) is under heavy test and doco work before it becomes an image ready for release. Ramesh, of, is leading the charge there, with able assistance by Jim – its Rameshs RPi, but Jim has been doing most of the configuration.

We’ve had a couple of updates from the boys – good work so far!

In other news, just three days before I found out about the charge to ARM, I had ordered a Fit PC-3 which may be now surplus to requirements. I do have a buyer already if it does in fact turn out that way. With that money, I’d like to get an Arndale Board ( for the set up of my “Hackers Tablet” – a super charged demo system for power users.

So I haven’t been sitting still, as you can see!

I also got my LEA-6T kit today, that’ll be heading back down the Mountains on Friday, to Carmel, so it can be assembled. It’ll be a vital component in the RTCM/ VoterCard system, in fact, I may use it in the box #1 rather than the stopgap Adafruit GPS I’m getting (the Adafruit GPS has a 1PPS signal, but no frequency output). Of course, I’ll need a set of cables for it all, and that’ll have to be made over the Christmas period.

I’ve also used my knowledge today of getting IAXRpt working under OS X 10.7 Lion to advantage by helping a Canadian amateur with his install. Using the stock Winebottler, WiNE doesn’t have sound enabled – since it is for OS X 10.4 – 10.6. Only the 10.7 version of WiNE adds sound support. This can be done by downloading your usual Winebottler software, then downloading the 10.7 version of WiNE from Replace the version of WiNE that came with Winebottler with the one you’ve just downloaded, and enjoy!

Not doing too bad these days, eh?



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