Think of something witty to say…

And the man may move the Earth thus…

Ok, so I’m continuing to bounce around. Less than a week to court. Grace isn’t coming over for my birthday. RPi has had an open source release of GPU drivers. RTCM is being redesigned by myself and Andrew. I may be looking at a job as a tech. It is all happening!

Lets start with court. I’m staring down the barrel of the gun – am I sure its not a naval cannon? A big naval cannon? Hmmm, but I must be brave, and take my medicine like a good little boy. This’ll happen only once. For that I’m glad. I may be up to my eyeballs in muck next year petitioning the bank, but they’re easy to deal with, they just want their money. My stepfather doesn’t just want my money, I’m still, as a 30 year old, considered by him to be a piece of his property… Hes gunna find, I have a very expensive pricetag though 🙂

Grace isn’t coming over for my birthday? Oh gee, lets just say someone stomped on my foot from Canada, and I haven’t taken too kindly to it. Money isn’t the issue here. Permission is. People considered as property is. Damnit, Grace is almost 30 too, even if she tells you shes only 27… 😦

An aside: “Silent Force” by Within Temptation. An additional aside: got my cabling licence.

The GPU release is interesting. With the RPi/ URI project, I’ve run into problem after problem related to the custom kernel used on Raspbian, and how theres no kernel package for it, nor does the git take when you download it. I was just about to give up, when I realised, I’m dealing with a PS2 Linux kit here.


Yup, its not open source. Or it wasn’t open source. Four days ago, the software needed to open source the bootloader, and thus open source a “standard” kernel was released. Ok, its only been four days, and I can’t expect that much of a miracle, but I’m expecting a release of Raspbian with a standard 3.2 kernel, not the custom 3.2.27+ kernel, may be released soon. And here I was thinking Plan 9 on RPi would be nice… idiot!

I’m going to have to download everything again, of course. RPi, by the way, now has 512MB RAM, and no increase in price. Local stocks in Australia. Win. I don’t mind downloading a standard release of Raspbian. Ive got another Class 10 microSD card, and I have the “half length” microSD adapters designed specifically for RPi coming from Adafruit, along with other goodies.

You live, you learn, you love. And if you’ve made even just one step at the end of the day, you’ve done something worthwhile.

“You sure it isn’t 10MHz?”

“Pretty certain, its 10kHz.”

Thats the output of a Navman Jupiter-T. 10kHz. That could be fed into a 14.4MHz VC-TCXO, and then patched into the oscillator section of a Simoco SRM9000. Enter “VoterCard.” And no, I don’t work for the Australian Electoral Commission.

One of the big things, Andrew said, with the RTCM, is the fact the radios oscillators aren’t synchronised over the distance. So a Jupiter-T will give us a 10kHz output, and a 1PPS output, which is needed by the radio and the RTCM respectively. And the Jupiter-T is only $66 delivered. Win.

Damn Andrew, you have an eye for bargains.

So, the redesign of the RTCM? Well, I want to throw all of the components not inside the radio itself into one box, and not have a million wires and cables dragging all over the place. This thing is plug and play to the max. I’d also like to have a crack at making an RTCM out of through-hole components. Breadboard? Yes please!

Now the job? My my, I get myself into some amazing gigs – imagine me running the IT&T resources of a dispatch centre. Thats computers, telephones and radios! I’m a bit annoyed at this court thing being this week, I may have been getting a call – I’ve told them can you shoot me an email, I might get out early on Friday, and be able to call them back. Good little boy that I am – wheres my scotch?!

It gets better and better, of course. The Aboriginal Development Corporation thing still trundles along… its nice having a choice of jobs to go for, not be shoehorned into one thing you don’t like… =P


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  1. rackingwoes says:

    As an footnote, I’ve had a bloke send me an email on ohnosec, saying, from the outer fringe of insanity, good luck on the RPi/ URI project. Thanks John, WB5NFC. Many regards and 73s!

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