“Well, I got a bottle of scotch…!”

Christmas unwrap. Yup, got some scotch this time around – Glenfiddich, my favourite drop. Also had a stomach bug, so I didn’t end up going to Andrews. Feeling better now – oui! But you get that in the big jobs.

I started on my Arduino/ MMBASIC code for the RFID project today. Its very, very primitive at the moment, getting them to talk to each other is the first challenge. Then again, some software I started a while ago, I think I started with 20 lines (including whitespace) and ended up with three different files.

I’m probably going to head to Sydney to see Andrew tomorrow. He revealed what he got me for Christmas – an Xbee adapter! Nice! Something I need too.

I’m just debating what I’ll need to take tomorrow – probably the RFID tag and the Duinomite (now with CC1101 radio!) as well as Andrews gift. But I won’t take anything like my Simoco or Talon.

The Macbook is going great guns – I’m loving it! But the iMU is stuffed. I’m not sure whats happening there, I might be getting a refund for it. A bit disappointed, I was looking forward to having the iMU all rigged up for iDEN.

I’ve had some teething problems with various things – the Arduino software wouldn’t compile, due to me putting a board definition in the wrong place, then not having a particular library, then I failed to see the purple LED flashing on and off. Then the Duinomite does funny things on the serial console, not so bad when you get used to it, but a bit disconcerting to begin with.

I’m going to have to get some test tools – an RF Explorer, and a Bitscope. I do kind of need them now, for all this ISM band and CAN/ SPI/ I2C/ RS232 testing I need to do. I’m just hoping Seeedstudio get stocks in of the sub-1GHz RF Explorer soon…! Having the flexibility to do all the ISM bands under and including 2.4GHz will be great. And I have the software on my Mac now =)

I’m hoping by the end of January I have both RF Explorer and Bitscope. Thats my time frame. Then I can walk into college with my practical projects, program for them, and show exactly what is happening at the logic/ hardware level. I need to show proficiency in two languages. So thats what I’ll do, minimum.

I’m really looking forward to next year – I feel as though its going to be quite positive. As Skye says: “Bring it on!”


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