The Frenzy Before Christmas

Non denominal holiday alert! I’m back on deck, this time I’m armed and ready to go with my new Macbook Air. This post will be a bit of “Jog the old memory” in case I have to restore.

However, I have a whole heap of things to test and solder up and blah blah blah before Christmas, hence the “frenzy.” I’m trying to get as much as I can done tonight, but I don’t think I can solder at the moment, at least not without poking my eye out.

I found a cool serial terminal program, called oddly enough, CoolTerm. I also rediscovered the iStat Menus, and bought a copy for Jason, for when he gets his Macbook Air. And yup, thanks to Pater, I now have iRFExplorer. Told you I wanted a Mac!

Tomorrow, I should have some photos of the CC1101 radio ready to go with the Duinomites!


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