The Rail Fans Song

The rail fans song is along the lines of “Why are we waiting…?” when you’re standing in the pouring rain, hoping that break in the clouds magically shines when the “Nanny” goes steaming past… I’m not waiting for a train at the moment, more an object, and a day to get said object – Thursday, I will become the proud owner of a Macbook Air.

So thats in the future. But what about the immediate past? Last night when I arrived home, there was a large parcel waiting for me. It could only be one thing – the iMU! And it was. I’ll be trying to find me good camera, and upload some pics, but for the meantime, I’ll describe it.

Its a 19 inch rackmount box, 2RU high. The front is black with white lettering, and the rest of the body is silver with black lettering. On the front is a power switch, two RJ45 jacks (one entitled “Download,” the other “Handset”) and a bunch of LEDs. Have I piqued your interest yet?

The rear has connections for an antenna, two iSCs (one hot backup), alarms, and some other stuff I’m not sure of (“RF#1”?). Also theres 48VDC in, and a ground lug.

The top cover was loose, and was easily removed. Inside… my first peek into a piece of base station gear (apart from seeing the industrial 80486 in the Nokia DX200 at college) and I was surprised to find a bloody m370 or m470 in it!

So for this iMU, I’m pulling the mobile radio out of it. Not sure how I’m going to program it, this is definitely RSS territory, and it needs adapters and RIBs and stuff like that. But a mobile radio! Wicked!

A mini UHF to SO-239 adapter is like $6 at the local electronics store, so I’m covered there. I’ll go grab one on Thursday when I get back from picking up my MBA. In the meantime, I’ve printed some stuff out on the architecture of iDEN to show Andrew and Tom at Christmas.

Now all I need are Android walkie talkies… 😉


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