Now with 10% more cable TV

I’ve been all over the shop this week – first time I’ve had to sit down and actually have some time to myself. So I thought I’d follow tradition and blog. Of course, blogging takes alot of energy, so does writing emails. But I’ve got no emails, so my friends, you’re in luck!

I’m in one of those moods. You know the ones, the ones where you sit down and go “Hey, I could save $2,000 in next to no time…” And the $2,000 is going to be spent on… wait for it… a cable modem headend!

I can hear the naysayers right now saying “Why the hell would he want one of those…?!” Well, I would like to have my own broadband internet infrastructure. Ok, I know if you read this blog, you would’ve worked that one out quickly, but I want to make my own CATV station. Cause I bloody well can!

I mean, who else is practical, or crazy, enough to have a working example of a CATV station?

It would look good on a resume, or a portfolio, to have the usual bits and doo-dabs all working together – and may I mention, the equipment all has ethernet! – and the other thing is logging in, and poking around during an interview (mental reminder – SSH for Android) showing the interviewer exactly what you can do.

Plus it would be really cool, if expensive on the electricity, to have the equipment all there.

So the idea, at the moment is:

* Get a CATV modem headend (most likely a Cisco uBR7111 – a baby headend)
* Get a modulator (most likely a Scientific Atlanta piece, four RF out, only need one, and two ASI in)
* And later in the piece, get an encoder, that squirts out ASI

Two things, I’ve downloaded Kino for my Linux box, and the encoder can take a HDMi stream and encode it – so I’m going to encode the mirror of my two quad core beast computers.

I’m actually really excited by this – finally, having enough knowledge, and almost enough wherewithal to make my own CATV station…


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