“And God said, let there be…!”

All kinds of Gothic music! Ok, a bit of an anti-climax, but its about how I’m feeling about now. Anti-climatic. Yea. But thats life, and a once rather infamous man introduced himself. Yup, Darren Hinch.

Meanwhile, in whats now considered to be the annex to World Domination HQ (I do all the real work, the HQ has the USB hub with all the switches and dials) things are plodding along. I’m actually kind of dreading hooking up my Simoco to my backend server… in any case, it could be interesting!

I might have to take apart the Simoco connector, and solder some new power lines into place, as the ones I have are nowhere near sufficient to power a radio at 25 Watts. I’ve got some cables… and fuses too! So I can see I’ll be soldering tonight…

As for the VM Box, that plan has been canned for the time being – the SLACR will live in the OpenBSCi computer. That’ll be put in the iDEN rack with its support computers and equipment. I’ve found a mob that are selling a base radio cheap, it appears to have had spray paint sprayed all over it. As long as it hasn’t affected the RS-232 port or the LEDs, I should be good!

So yes, things are trundling along, like the hamsters in the trundle wheels at the power house, that powers my world domination activities.



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