The old home town shivers through another day… except for me – I have central heating systems disguised as computers! Ok, it gets a bit hot in summer, but I can live with no PCs during Christmas. I mean, tis the season after all…

Meanwhile, did a burn in test on the SLACR – all is well. Sat at about 38 degrees overnight, which isn’t too bad for something that can fry eggs as well as run Firefox. The next stage will be loading XenSource onto it – I’m thinking vanilla, although Cloud Edition looks pretty swanky.

Got the URI as a result of going on the camping trip on the weekend. Thats looking good, I’m yet to try out the blogs advice that I found, “Installing app_rpt on Debian” – turns out hes using Voyage ONE as well, and the steps he took seemed to work for him. I don’t need Allstar though.

Might have to price how much a Core 2 Duo CPU will cost me and build up this new machine. The SLACR, I haven’t decided yet, but I am thinking of swapping the CPU over to what I designated the “VM Box” – an Asrock mobo with onboard GFX and only one PCI slot. This’ll allow me to use the present mobo with its three slots for the iDEN rack.

I’ll have to see how I go of course, nothing is set in stone yet. Only when I build, power on and install, thats when its set in stone. The other thing for the iDEN computer is the use of a solid state drive – I want much more speed and reliability. I just hope Asterisk doesn’t have a heart attack and write like theres no tomorrow.

Then after that will be getting the T1 cards and the simulators/ DACS, but thats a whole ‘nother story…



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