Norforce – Camp Taurus

Or “How I learned to love Flight Mode” or “What I did on my Winter Vacation.” Yup, all the computers are thundering along again after the shutdown for my camping trip. Yes, in winter. Yes, right in the middle of winter.

Andrew, his father, and I were testing wifi radios out in the bush again. Andrew has some pretty interesting hardware, collapsable masts, all kinds of radios… Hell, even Andrews dad has a Simoco SRM9022 in his car…

I got attacked by a leech while up there, must’ve ripped it off in my sleep. Andrew said I looked “decidedly scary” with the blood all over my face. I’ve also learned there are semi-permanent creeks up on the Newnes Plateau.

The tests went good, not all of the experiemental links worked but I guess thats why we were there testing them. Also the LOX Board and the Simoco SRM9005s wouldn’t talk to each other – highly odd, but Andrew is looking in to it.

I also got my URI, I’m proceeding to work on it sometime soon, I’ve Googled a potential solution for Voyage ONE and app_rpt. The URI is a sweet piece of gear, essentially a USB sound card with a PTT line that can be asserted to trigger the radio.

I soldered up the rest of the hydra cable once I asked Andrew the “Million Dollar Question” – what gender is the connector on the URI? It turns out its female.

The Galaxy Tab was a real champ up there on the Plateau – at one point, I stupidly forgot I hadn’t switched it to flight mode… and got reception when I woke it up. This led to Andrew climbing on the back of the Land Cruiser with his Tab sending and receiving emails. The things we do…

Also got a plan. Don’t know if it’ll work yet, but I bloody hope it does. I want to get the RFID Bluetooth/ modem out of the way, so I can work on the State Machine Repeater Controller. So I’m going to buy the RFID Bee, the Phantom antenna, and an NMO antenna mount – should be about $150 worth, including postage.

Additionally, the amount owing on the PS3 falls as the days pass – soon it’ll be mine! All that PPC Linuxy goodness… Yup, it’ll be good, rig it up in the rack and away I go. I’m going to be looking at the SLACR tomorrow, hopefully, and see if I can work out which mobo it is – a quick visit to Asrock of course.

But apart from that, not much else happened this Queens B’day Weekend – except the old girl in England is another year older…


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