Yup, the SLACR. Or “Slacker” as we call it. A 2.4GHz Core 2 Quad. And I might own one next week. Going into town this morning, bumped into a friend (Hi Pat), and he said hes got a Core 2 Quad, and motherboard up for sale. I’m yet to inspect it, but it sounds like the Real McCoy.

This could solve two problems in one fell swoop. The Core 2 motherboard I got the other day only has one PCI slot – I need two. One for the T1 card, and one for the HBA card. Oops. Can’t use it for the iDEN rack then. But this motherboard has at least two PCI slots.

The other thing was, where was I going to get a quad core processor for the ESXi box? Now I know. I’ll just need another case that fits into a 19 inch rack. So there will be some swapping of components and stuff to accomodate the new roles the computers will perform.

I’m also getting a T1 card, subject to approval, for my main exchange computer. This’ll allow me to hook up the T1 trunk from the exchange to the AS5200 through an Adtran Atlas 550 ISDN simulator. The idea is the dial up lines will come off the GSM, through the exchange, and into the T1 link, through the Atlas, then into the AS5200, though the Sun servers, back over the ADSL link, and hey presto!

If you think thats complex, wait till I configure it!

And to think I didn’t want to go into town today…



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