Spring cleaning… at the end of Summer!

As mentioned previously, I’ve been changing my rooms around a bit. Firstly the computer and exchange gear was moved out of my bedroom, into the big room, and everything was installed in racks. Then I scored a bed off my mother, I’m just waiting for her to move it over here.

I also went through my CD collection (redundant due to MP3s and MP3 players) and found some oldies but goodies. Radioheads “In Rainbows,” Joe Satrianis “The Electric Joe Satriani” and more. I may have to rip them to my 1TB drive some time soon.

Just a few more things in my room to move, and then the bed can go in. As for the spare bed in the big room? That’ll be a struggle, all my SES clothes are on it (along with some of my other clothes) which I will be returning to the SES unit when I get them all together again.

A few boxes to move, some stuff to organise, and I should be done.

As for nerdly stuff, got my cable management bar today, and fitted it to my StarSeer rack. Its actually all plastic, I guess thats why it was so cheap. But I guess I’ll get there. My case has cleared Customs, and I imagine the SSD will be on the way soon too. And yes, my RJ-21 cable.

I also found a “harmonica” – an RJ-21 to RJ-12 sockets. I’ll be needing that for my Astribank I’m planning on buying. I decided an Astribank would be better than a Cisco IAD2400, due to the fact the Astribank is far more supported in Asterisk, and I reckon FreeSWiTCH as well.

I’m only getting an 8 port model, as I only need 8 ports. I think you can expand them later on, if not, I’ll buy another one. But I reckon I’ll need only 8 ports. That’ll feed directly into the DSLAM (when I get that!) and then out to “customers.”

Also had a look at some fibre channel gear, I’m cobbling it together again, a FC-AL hub, with management (SNMP I believe), a HBA card in each of the computers, and possibly a little later on, some NetApp DS14 MkIIs. That’ll all live in its own rack, another 18RU. I’ll have to find a home for it (out the back in the rain isn’t an option), but I’ve cleared some space in my room, I might house it there.



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